Promo Product Ideas for a Small Business

Promo Product Ideas for a Small Business

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As you already know, promotional products are important elements of advertising and promotion. They’ll help your brand linger in your customers’ minds while helping you attract new ones.

However, as with many things, deciding on the most appropriate products can be very difficult, especially when you realize how many promotional items there are.

Lucky for you, we have several promo product ideas that would work for you perfectly based on the general opinion of consumers and top marketers.

Boost Your Small Business with These Promo Product Ideas


Consumers always love and appreciate promo product ideas that have practical value. T-shirts are gifts that your customers will use often and help you increase your brand visibility.

This item is also relatively affordable to create, and you can even save more by customizing them in bulk. All you need to do is get a good graphic designer to print unique designs.


Many marketers prefer glassware, ceramic mugs, water bottles, and other promotional drinkware forms because of their high mass appeal. This is an item that you can give nearly any audience and get your brand message out there effectively.

The best part is that people actually remember the message written on the drinkware they’re using. This is exactly why some marketers believe that a logoed mug is more effective than radio or television advertising based on how well consumers remember the brand message.

Tote bags

Many businesses are using promotional tote bags because consumers find them useful and convenient. Whether it is a reusable bag or a trade show giveaway, you’re likely to promote your business a lot more effectively with it.

The fact that these bags are mostly used in public places and have many uses makes them the ideal item for any small business that wants to promote itself quickly. Moreover, many consumers are likely to buy from a business that gave them the bag they’re going to use.

Just remember to create a great impression by showing you care about the environment by choosing canvas totes; these will help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Stress balls

What better way to prove your ability to solve your customers’ problems than to help them overcome their everyday stresses for free?

Like us, our customers face many stresses and anxieties whether at work, at home, or a public place. Having a squishy stress ball at hand can help them overcome the stress and tension.

The best part is that if the balls have a memorable advertising message, they’ll not forget it easily. They may even see your brand as a problem solver, boosting their loyalty. Don’t forget to add some personality to your message.

Lunch bags and coolers

Personalized coolers and lunch bags are a very effective way of consistently getting your company’s logo and catchy brand message in front of your prospects during their downtime.

On the other hand, when consumers enjoy BBQs or other outdoor occasions like camping trips, sporting events, or relaxing at the beach, they’ll promote your brand by showing off your properly branded cooler.

While creating these items, ensure you keep your logo modest and the message powerful. This will make sure your prospects don’t get turned off but still get the message.

Custom socks

One of the most popular promotional items top marketers have been using is apparel items. Custom socks have always stood out among them as a subtle and fun way to promote brands effectively.

The best thing about socks is that they are very practical and useful. If there are good quality, your prospects and customers will not hesitate to wear them on many everyday occasions like sports and fun outdoor activities. Some would even use them alongside their go-to office wear.

Some of the popular custom sock types you should consider include:

• Athletic socks
• Custom dress socks
• Full-color dye socks

Power banks

A well-branded power bank can boost your connection with your employees and customers. This is because people view power banks as lifesavers, especially when they need them most. Power banks are also easy to customize with the relevant information, including the company name, logo, promotional message, and contact information.

It can charge different gadgets, including laptops, tablets, and cell phones, making them useful and shareable. A standard power bank is also compact and, therefore, a great promotional item for a business that targets people who are always on the move.

Your customers and their friends or family members will hardly forget about your business when you brand your power bank properly.

Our world is changing fast, and it’s becoming difficult for small businesses to keep up with the new trends. After doing my research, we found the above items to be the most appropriate promotional products for a company that wants to stay in style for a long time while effectively promoting itself.

For individualized advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Creative Marketing Services, your local marketing experts.

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