Perfect Logo

Perfect Logo is proprietary process to decorate corporate apparel including cotton, cotton/poly and tri-blends and performance polyester. Major international brands are currently utilizing this decoration process including Nike, Under Armour, Cutter & Buck, Adidas and many more. Now you can benefit from this cutting-edge decoration process from Creative Marketing Services.

Perfect Logo is available to decorate tee shirts, polos, athletic wear and jackets with high-fidelity reproduction for full-color CMYK, single-color and multi-color Pantone colors. Our process is far superior to traditional embroidery and screen-printing.

A: You’re in luck! We can produce Perfect Logos that replaces traditional embroidery. Better yet, we have the ability to reproduce your artwork in high-fidelity, across the entire color spectrum. Traditional embroidery is limited to 15 thread colors, so a Perfect Logo will be so much brighter and cleaner. With a Perfect Logo, we can turn your job around in less than 5-days from proof appoval. And… no more of that annoying “patch” on the inside of the garment!

A: Embroidered logos average around $7.00 – $9.00 (each location), depending on quantity and stitch count. The less you buy, increases the price of embroidery. The higher the stitch count, the more an embroidered

A: Our Perfect Logos have been tested for over 50 wash/dry cycles. Frankly, a Perfect Logo will outlast the shirt.

A: Absolutely, we have the ability to digitally print your design in CMYK and apply to all garment fabrics.

A: With a Perfect Logo, there are no chemicals, additives, or waste water going into our water supply and landfills. They only waste is paper that is disposed of in our recyling bin.

A: Perfect Logos are printed in high-fidelity to ensure image quality. Also, Perfect Logos offers naturally brighter colors than screen printing due to our proprietary production method. Our unique process does away with the traditional “flash” required by screen printers when doing on dark-colored garments, saving you time and money.

A: Perfect Logo is the logical choice as it is much less expensive than screen printing and provides a much better final image quality. However, if you need a very large quantity, screen printing will still be your best option. And we van handle that for you as well.