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These are some surreal times we are living through. And while so many pieces of our businesses and lives have taken incredibly difficult turns, this year has also brought out the best in many people and organizations who have crafted new and innovative ways to help one another.

One such initiative that stood out to me was “Giving Tuesday Now.” It shows different ways to thank, give, support, and volunteer to help people and our communities.

We all hear the word “pivot” being used these days. We are working with many businesses that are launching fundraising sites offering custom tee shirts, polos, and other branded merchandise.

Designing and selling t-shirts is a great fundraising idea that non-profits can use to raise money. A t-shirt fundraiser is a win-win for everyone involved: the sponsor gets to raise money and promote their cause via merchandise and supporters get a memorable item in return for their donations.

How to make a T-Shirt Fundraiser

1.Making a Design for Fundraising T-Shirts – The good and the bad news: the design can be just about anything. Whether you are planning a 5K race for cancer awareness or to collecting funds for a special event, remember to create a design that includes your campaign name, any important dates, and most importantly, a memorable graphic that matches your theme.

2. Creating a T-Shirt Fundraiser Online Campaign – Finding the right place to sell the t-shirts to raise money for your fundraising is just as important as making the actual design. We offer online e-commerce stores that allow you to raise money for your cause.

3. Using Social Media to Raise Money and Awareness – Once you have your designs ready and your fundraising campaigns up and running, it’s time to share it so the world can pull out their wallets and donate! Social media sites can help fundraisers reach all sorts of groups – from friends and relatives to acquaintances and even complete strangers. You can even “promote” your posts to help reach a larger audience. Ask others to share your posts to broaden your audience even more. Be sure to link to your fundraising page to make it easy for others to donate to your cause.

So, there you have it. You are now ready to make your very own branded merchandise fundraiser from scratch. Whether you are collecting funds to support your non-profit, special event, or community service, making a t-shirt to sell online is a great way to make a positive difference in your community.


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