Dimensional Mailers in Direct Mail Marketing Must Intrigue

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The number-one advantage of dimensional mailers is that they get noticed. Amidst the #10 envelopes, postcards, and other traditional mail that your prospects receive daily; boxes, cylinders, and lumpy oversize envelopes stand out.

The number-two advantage of dimensional mailers is that they get opened.

Most of us, when we receive a box in the mail, addressed to us, from someone we don’t know, simply have to find out what is inside. But you cannot depend entirely on the odd shape or size of your dimensional mailer to do all your work for you. You must still tease your prospect into opening the box.

One organization that knows how to use lumpy mail to good effect is the Boston Convention Center.

The Boston Convention Center needed a way to drive traffic to their exhibit at industry trade shows. We did our homework and discovered that a majority of convention and meeting planners thought of Boston’s world-class philharmonic. We created this 3D mailer featuring a conductor’s baton and one of 2 full-color violin cards. Copy points tied the Convention Center’s features in a classical music voice. Recipients were invited to stop by the booth to match their violin with those on display to receive a free gift. The promotion yielded an 87% attendance rate.

As you can see, the goal with dimensional mail is three-fold.

They must get noticed. They must get opened. And they must get read. Naturally, you also want your prospects to respond. But if you’ve managed to get them to open your package and start reading your sales pitch, your toughest challenge is behind you.

Increase the odds that prospects will read and remember your marketing message. Research shows that including a promotional product with a sales letter can increase response by as much as 75 percent.

Direct mail stands out from mailbox clutter if it’s mailed in a nonstandard envelope or packaged in a box or tube. Items such as jigsaw puzzles or phone cards involve recipients and let them interact with your direct mail piece – isn’t that your goal?

All these reasons make dimensional direct mail a very powerful marketing medium that, if done right, can have a very high return on your marketing dollar.

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