Creative Marketing Services has a small (but growing) nationwide network of independent promotional product affiliates who are enjoying the freedom of owning their own businesses. They have been able to take the tactics, techniques and technologies provided them to build profitable and successful businesses. Creative Marketing Services is NOT a franchise; there are no upfront fees or long-term agreement that restricts them from doing business how they want, when they want, and with whom they want. With Creative Marketing, they enjoy the freedom and flexibility to operate their business as they wish.

We believe sales people spend too much time of their time not selling and spend far too much time on tedious, time consuming, non-revenue-generating tasks. We can relieve you of this burden so you have more time to sell – and earn more money. At Creative Marketing we support our Affiliates by providing them:

•Powerful Marketing Tools
•Sales Training & Development
•Artwork & Graphic Design
•Product Research & Pricing
•Customer Quotations
•Price Match Guarantee
•Order Processing & Expediting
•Order Financing
  •Invoicing & Collections
•Supplier Payment
•Credit Card Processing
•Technology Platforms
•Vendor Research & Qualification

We believe, given the right effort, affiliating with Creative Marketing Services is a wise business decision with unlimited potential and financial reward.

Download our Affiliate overview here.


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